might have to get rid of my cat b/c of the bastards

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ik its a generally popular take but seriously fuck landlords

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shouldn't have downloaded unreal engine in the uk dammit

oh yeah i have a job idk if i said this here

sorry for being dead on here ive been quite busy with said job

>boss says "i wont put you on fridays for a while"
>second week of work
>i work an evening shift on a friday

thank you tori, very cool

being forced to use google chrome in school 😔

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computers are mean and stupid and i hate them and they better not talk to me today anymore

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is there a good subtitle editor on linux? i tried looking and i couldnt find one that had a decent video previewer

sorry for all of the outages lately, contabo's new york server has been experiencing outages a bit recently

if you require someone to login to see otherwise 100% public content pls dont do that

do people shorten deadname to dn? i associate dn with deez nuts so that is worrying

the world needs more bookmarklets

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turns out my cat's got a cock and balls, his name is still mabel/vaporub. here is him, chilling in the sick while i'm taking a shit

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