crazy how all human languages are selfhosted

@IoIxD @tacohitbox yeah that ones made by mattkc too iirc. i know nothing else about it but i think i remember him saying his videos are made with it at least at some point and if im not misremembering that goes to show it can totally be used for well edited stuff. never used it myself though

still on xmpp as well, h @

in future if anyone needs to contact me, use whichever you prefer i dont really care

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im back on matrix ! @

i was on matrix previously, but i wasnt able to selfhost for a while. but now i can again

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deliberately buying the 1978 garfield lead paint mugs just to feel something

@wagesj45 the difference is all of those conspiracies are directly harmful. just believing the earth is flat harms nobody- But, of course, as others have said, it can lead to other conspiracies which are in fact directly harmful

@joebiden i trust everything u say mr president i will not look into the matter any further

discussion of conspiracy theories 

@kescher if you shadowban something, so it can never show up in anyones recommendations, that would severely limit the spread of the movement. but yet youtube seems to still not be interested in doing that

discussion of conspiracy theories 

@kescher yeah but at least then there wouldnt be new people joining the "movement". which is most important with dangerous conspiracy theories. its harder to convince someone theyre wrong than to just prevent them from ever finding the conspiracy bs in the first place

every so often i click on some garbage video and then click on some other garbage video over and over just to see where it takes me and pretty much every time youtube sends me to conspiracy shit. and its no surprise why that happens, but it is surprising that these videos have a warning on them but are still being suggested

discussion of conspiracy theories 

Shit. forgot alt text:
Screenshot of YouTube warning label on Flat Earth.
Heading: "Flat Earth", linking to Wikipedia
Caption: The flat Earth model is an archaic and scientifically disproven conception of Earth's shape as a plane or disk.

discussion of conspiracy theories 

@kescher when i made the post i was thinking about these warning labels youtube has been adding for a few years now

if i was a flat earther id wonder "why does youtube not want me to believe flat earth?" which leads to looking into it more. i dont think anyone sees this warning and thinks "Oh, wikipedia says the flat earth model is archaic, i guess im wrong"

and if youtube believes flat earth is a harmful conspiracy theory, maybe the videos should just be shadowbanned entirely ????? that seems like maybe a better solution?

discussion of conspiracy theories 

@kescher thats fair, but honestly i think debunking flat earthers over and over again doesnt solve the problem much. ive seen time and time again the flat earthers saying "Why are we being censored? Surely we must be onto something!!"
I feel like maybe a better response would be to ignore it, not draw any more attention to it
(also sorry for not adding a cw in my original post ☹️)

why do people get so upset at flat earthers. flat earthers, of course, are wrong, but i dont see why they should be attacked for it. it doesnt harm anyone i think

@ginglygoogaga alt text: impact font top text: "THIS CANDY" above a photo of a display case of strawberry flavor pop rocks

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