i will make one (1) 3d model for anyone who is willing to leave discord for a month

@joebiden genuinely amazed how you post this much

@h sleepy joe just woke up and has nothing else to do (boring briefings about politics ewww)

@joebiden @h wake up joe you fell asleep again! theyre talking to you mr president

@Alan_Smithee69 @h what WHAT nuclear weapon launch??? what are you talking about? no i dont like poutine its gross

@joebiden @h dear god mr president, the red phone isnt an anti-english 1-900 joke line

@joebiden completely unrelated but i edited your mouth and ears and eyes so youd look like an elf here or something idk im so bored

@h @joebiden i have been searching for anime girl versions of politicans for ages, thank you would take it up if it werent for literally 99% of my friends being on discord

@marsupialgutz @joebiden Moving is a good test to see if your friends value not having another program installed over you as a person.
@marsupialgutz @w @joebiden now that's just plain wrong, fedi > twitter in every way
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